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To U.sabai Authentic Thai MassageTherapy

 Our Massage Treatments and Services

Types of Massages:


Aromatherapy - which uses natural aromatic oils to help you relax, unwind and stimulates your senses. A moderate massage which will appeal to anyone. 

Swedish Massage - an all around type of massage perfect for newcomers which helps improve circulation and relax muscles. This is generally a more gentle massage designed to help your body loosen up from the stresses of daily life.

 Sports Massage - as you may have gathered from the name, this is especially beneficial for people who take part in strenuous physical activities. This treatment focuses on alleviating tense muscles usually associated with energy consuming exercise. The massage will help restore vitality and also speed up muscle and tissue recovery.

Deep Tissue Massage - a relatively strong massage, not recommended for those new to massage.It focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue; especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and areas such as stiff neck or upper and lower back pain. 

Traditional Thai Massage - a combination of physical and energetic aspects which leave you in a state of sublime relaxation. The treatment involves stretching and pinpointing on particular aches and pains.

All of the massages mentioned are priced at:


        60 minutes £35.00

        90 minutes £55.00

      120 minutes £70.00


We also provide Hair and Beauty Treatments

Hair service prices start from £9.00

Beauty service prices start from £7.00

Nails service prices start from £7.00

                                 Please feel free to contact us for further information.

                                Thank you for visiting our site.